Small Business

You can have the features you need in a small business telephone system without breaking the bank.

While each small business solution is different, one thing doesn’t change: The desire for reliable telecommunications service. Jones develops small-business telecommunications solutions based on the NEC, IPitomy and AltiGen platforms. These manufacturers are some of the best known names in the industry and with good reason: they all offer 99.999% or better uptime to their users. Small businesses rely on communication. Why trust your small business to anyone other than Jones Telecommunications?

Jones Telecommunication’s solutions are affordable: As Jones develops your solution; we also analyze your current telecommunications services. Our quality telecommunications solutions are dependable, require little maintenance, and are easy to use. Combine the lack of required maintenance with savings on your monthly telecommunications charges and you may find your monthly expenses are less than ever before!

Jones Telecommunications sales engineers will work with you to develop a small business solution that may include features like:

  • Voicemail
  • Automated Answering
  • Caller-ID
  • Off-Site Forwarding
  • Wireless Handsets/Cordless Phones

For more than 25 years, Jones Telecommunications has worked with small business owners and manager